Corvino Ballet Classes

CORVINO BALLET CLASSES reflect the teaching method developed over the past 50 years first by Maestro Alfredo Corvino then subsequently by his daughters Andra Corvino and Ernesta Corvino.
It is a unique approach to the understanding, practice and application of this classic art form. Grounded in the organic principles of movement it is anatomically sound, devoid of affectation, with great emphasis on musicality.
A strong and clean technique is developed through concentration on movement quality and specific dynamic timings. This is achieved not only by the exercises given but also by the way they are explained and explored. Each dancer, by practicing in between sequences and absorbing what is being discussed, can improve quickly and develop to his/her full potential.
Whether the dancer is an elementary student or an advanced professional... a performer, teacher, or choreographer... a specialist in ballet, modern or any other form of dance... this is a training method that has had a profound affect on people including prominent performers, teachers and choreographers worldwide.
Its long-standing international reputation has inspired many to train with the Corvinos both at their home base in New York City as well as in workshops all over the world.


"The Corvinos are some of the best dance teachers in the world. They transform their mastery of the ballet idiom into a vital learning skill for any form of dance." Carla Maxwell, former Artistic Director, Limon Dance Company 

"In 35 years of the dancing, the Corvino class is one of the best I've had. There is also an atmosphere of kindness which makes the hard work that much more fun." Bebe Neuwirth, Tony Award-winning star of Broadway, film and television

"Studying ballet with the Corvinos is like experiencing Zen and the Art of Ballet. It is fundamentally integrative, anatomically sound and constuctively holistic. I always learn something new about the body, movement and life." Shaw Bronner, P.T., M.H.S., O.C.S., Director of Therapy Services at Alvin Ailey & Director of  S.O.A.R. Research at Long Island University.

Current Schedule.....

We are now teaching 6 days a week 
for the duration of this quarantine! 
Schedule: (NYC Time)

Tuesdays.... No Class
(All classes are 1 hour and 15 minutes)
Here is the info to join: (Click on this to get to the meeting)

Meeting ID: 362 690 8184 (Enter this number if prompted to join)
​There is a 300 participant limit to our account so we suggest you tune in several minutes befire start time!

PLEASE! When you join, TURN OFF both your own mic and camera! When the class is over you can turn them on and we can talk to each other.
Also when the class is over please hit the "Chat" icon to type in your whole name so I know who was there.
Having your mic and camera on and everyone hitting chat at the start will stress our bandwidth and cause glitches such as frozen video and no sound! We want a seamless experience! THANKS!
I will demonstrate the combinations and I will give explanations and tips so we can work between exercises. We will mostly do a barre and maybe some things that don't need much space as most people are in tight spaces. Make sure you have something secure to hang onto such as a sturdy chair or sofa or the kitchen counter.
These classes are free of charge...However, if you enjoy them and feel so inclined I will accept donations of any amount. They can be sent by check to Ernesta Corvino...14 Little Fox Lane...Norwalk, CT... OR to my PAYPAL account which is  OR through Venmo where my account is Ernesta-Corvino.


(These classes are temporarily suspended due to COVID-19)
HOWEVER, we are offering remote class on ZOOM!
Wednesdays.....4 to 6pm (Andra Corvino)

Saturdays.....10am to 12noon (Ernesta Corvino)

 4 West 43rd Street, just west of 5th Avenue.....New York City
8th Floor (Take elevator to 7 and walk up one flight)
$20 per class

Come check out our new barres and new floors!


(These Thursday classes have been suspended as well)


BASIC BALLET taught by Ernesta Corvino

Thursdays.....1 to 2:30pm
Casa Corvino Little Fox
14 Little Fox Lane.....Norwalk, CT

*Must register and pre-pay
4 Lesson Series
The more you take, the more you save
Email for payment plans and registration



For more details and special announcements, click here

Special Classes and Workshops.....

  From time to time, special classes and workshops are given in Pointe, Character Dance, 
                     Pas de Deux, Baroque Dance, Teaching Pedagogy, and Hatha Yoga.
                              Private lessons and coaching sessions are also available.
                               For more information.....E-MAIL us at

Welcome to Corvino Ballet

In the 1940s, a young soloist from the Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo fell in love with and married a beautiful photographer and costume maker from New York City.
The rest is history........
~~~ This site is in    LOVING MEMORY   of these two remarkable people ~~~
                               ALFREDO CORVINO (1916-2005)  
                                                          MARCELLA CORVINO (1918-2004)