Ernesta Corvino's Dance Circle Company

Ernesta Corvino's Dance Circle Company was formed in 1981 and made its debut at the Highfield Theatre, Cape Cod, MA. The company appeared annually at the Riverside Dance Festival from 1982-87 and went on to appear in venues and colleges across the U.S. Primarily featuring the works of Ernesta Corvino, many classics as well as pieces by other choreographers have been presented. The company is committed to maintaining the high standards in dance presentation set by the Corvinos over the past fifty years, including technically polished dancers, tasteful productions, entertaining programs and the fair treatment of those involved throughout the training, rehearsal and performance process.

Original cast of Charlie & Co.    
Lynn Elliott, Tim O'Keefe, Andra Corvino and Ernesta Corvino

What the Critics say.....

One of the program’s most delightful pieces was  Ernesta Corvino’s  “Works of Heart” set to music by Satie, Haydn, Baltzar and others. The work took its inspiration from famous paintings such as Gainsborough’s “Blue Boy,” which Ms. Corvino, in the title role, portrayed with wit and elegance. Works by Rembrandt, Munch and Botticelli were also  represented in movement. The finale brought the masterpieces together in a humorous romp.   
Hal de Becker, Las Vegas
Choreography is by the gifted artist in residence, Ernesta Corvino...As dancer and choreographer, Ms. Corvino reflects the high artistic standards set by her renowned father, the legendary dance figure Alfredo Corvino. Ms. Corvino's choreography is witty, musical and insightful, and her performances always technically and interpretively impressive.    
Hal de Becker, Dirt Alert (Las Vegas)
Her choreography (for Ballet of the Dolls) had charm and wit and provided good characterizations for the dolls. (The Clown) was portrayed with panache by Corvino...outstanding.  
City Life (Las Vegas)
Ernesta Corvino has utilized Ravel's Bolero (for her ballet Somnus) for a dream sequence in which she is the Sleeper experiencing nightmares of frustration and longing, and recollections of childhood and romance. The fears she endures in her deeply somnolent state certainly arouse sympathy...This is one of the most novel utilizations of the Ravel score ever conceived.The Circle dancers really got into the spirit of this (Holmes, Sweet Holmes) zany, utterly delicious takeoff on the adventures of Sherlock Holmes and his friend Dr. Watson.     
Jennie Schulman, Backstage
Once again, the program demonstrated Corvino's boldness and sense of humor......first-rate.    
Dance Pages, New York City
Ernesta Corvino's two pieces, The Gallery and Derby, worked very well. Ms. Corvino strikes a thoughtful balance between dance, music, story and costume in her work. There is a serious playfulness to Corvino's work that adds to their interest. The costumes by Marcella Corvino were excellent.      
John V. Hennessey, East Villager
Corvino has a deft wit and a sly way with comedy. Derby, a premiere, is a clever picture of horse racing inspired by the 1984 Kentucky Derby. In The Gallery, 'American Gothic' is indeed uproarious, and the finale is madcap.     
Joseph Gale, The Independent Press
The maddest undertaking of all was Ernesta Corvino's Holmes, Sweet Holmes, a new ballet set to a collage of music by Tchaikovsky, which borrows elements of the Sherlock Holmes stories to create a new mystery to be solved. Miss Corvino knows the stories, and her incorporation of famous clues from them is witty and inventive.      
Jennifer Dunning, The New York Times 
Some works stood out...among them Ernesta Corvino's Uncle Sam. Set to music by Sousa and Gershwin, with a section danced to 'The Star-Spangled Banner' played on car horns, Uncle Samwas a goofy free-for-all. Each couple had an appealing duet of its own.    
Jennifer Dunning, The New York Times
Her (Ellen Kogan's) programme (at The Place) contained seven dances by seven choreographers. Ernesta Corvino's Klezmerized was full of crazy fun.  
John Percival, The London Times
Spunky, funny and most engaging as Chaplin, Miss Corvino brought to the silent movie routines a quirkiness, an infectious smile and winsome vulnerability that was entirely fresh.Charlie & Co. was a work designed to please an audience - and it did. Ernesta Corvino's comic choreographic sense was equally apparent in a work called The Gallery...It was goofy, oddball, comic genius.  
Kelly Christman, The Morning Union
Finally, I would like to say that the evening was made memorable by the presence of performers from The Dance Circle...(These dancers) gave amazingly versatile and professional performances...these dancers moved from classical ballet to music hall comedy with skill and verve. Ernesta Corvino's portrait of Charlie Chaplin...was both outrageous and delightful.    
William Adelman, Falmouth Enterprise
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Company Photos.....

Ernesta & Andra Corvino in  Charlie & Co.
Ernesta Corvino in Charlie & Co.
in performance, New York City, 1989
Original cast of The Gallery 
Stephen Pier, Ernesta Corvino, Ellen Ashcraft, Brian Taylor, Lynn Elliott & Andra Corvino 
Finale of The Gallery 
E.Corvino, Nina Ries, Stuart Smith, Charles Haack, Dircelia Rodin & Ellen Ashcraft
in performance, New York City, 1986
Sweet Holmes
Ernesta Corvino as The Sleeper
                       Karen Hirschfield as The Mother                        
Hugh Murphy as The Father 
Nina Ries as The Child  
Thomas Baird as The Intruder
Original Cast of Joie de Vivaldi
Ellen Ashcraft, Dircelia Rodin, Hugh Murphy,
E.Corvino & Nina Ries
in performance, New York City, 1986
The Mummy Returns
Hugh Murphy & E. Corvino
From Act I of The Mummy Returns
in performance, New York City, 1986
From Act II of The Mummy Returns
in performance, New York City, 1986
Finale of The Mummy Returns 
Stuart Smith, Ellen Ashcraft, E. Corvino, Hugh Murphy & Dina McDermott
in performance, New York City, 1986
Publicity stunt for The Mummy Returns
Jun Kim, E. Corvino, Andrew Carter
& Gail Block
Lynchburg, Virginia, 1991
Original Cast of Derby, 1985
Ernesta Corvino, Nina Ries, Jodi Kramer, Andra Corvino, Sherree Roller,
& Mary Gambardella
Andra Corvino in Derby
Catherine Green , Justin Leaf,
& Terry Conlon...Rye Beach, NY
Caroline Adams

Ellen Ashcraft

Tom Baird

Chad Bantner

Gail S. Block

Rachel Boykan

Melinda Bronson

Mark Burrell

Michelle Cappello

Andrew T. Carter

Todd Cook

Andra Corvino

Ernesta Corvino

Chad Courtney

Julie Donnadieu

Robert Drinan

Lynn Elliott

Rosario Ordonez Fuentes

Mary Gambardella

Stephanie Godino

Sonya Gotz

Catherine Green

Charles Haack

Joyce Herring

Karen Hirschfield

Jun Kim

Ellen Kogan (Guest Artist)

Jodi Kramer

Kelly Kruger

Wendy Larrow

Jimena Lasansky (Guest Artist)

Justin Leaf

Adrienne Linder

Dina McDermott

Bradon McDonald

Elizabeth McPherson

Hugh Murphy

Roxy Newberry

Christine Nieder

Angela Ochs

Tim O'Keefe

Rachelle Palnick

Stephen Pier

Sophie Poletti

Ursula Prenzlau

Kari Richardson

Nina Ries

Dircelia Rodin

Sherree Roller

Janis Roswick

Sharon Sakai

Kayoko Sakoh

Jay Seaman

Roger P. Smith

Stuart Smith

Michael Steuber

Fred Sugerman

Sally Sullivan

Elizabeth Sung

Brian Taylor

Peter Tulipan

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